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Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collars

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Soft Grip material was originally developed for producing bridles, halters and reins for horses. It’s very tough stuff, while also being soft to the touch. Soft Grip also holds its properties and does not crack in severe cold conditions.

These Soft Grip ScruffTag collars are not only super tough but also waterproof and odor resistant - perfect for dogs that just love to be in the water all the time or love to roll in the grossest stuff in the neighborhood. Plus, each collar is equipped with stainless steel corrosion-proof hardware.

I honestly don't recall how I found this collar, but it has been one of the best purchases I have made for Oly and Sancho. With many colors to choose from, these collars are waterproof which is super convenient for Miami dogs who are more than likely hitting the beach, diving into a pool or getting walked in the rain. It's also odor proof, durable, easy to clean, made in the USA (North Dakota, to be exact) and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee! The built in stainless steel tag is personalized to have it say whatever you want (within 4 lines) and is great for our dogs who love to play rough because they have nothing dangling from their collars. 


We bought the first one for Oly when he was a puppy close to 3 years ago. It has definitely stood the test of time and strength. Oly loves to catch waves - literally. See video below. This collar can be left on him in the salt water, in the sand, during his baths, and in the mud. It's so easy to clean and pretty much dries up immediately. Needless to say, when it was Sancho's turn to get a big boy collar, there was no question of which kind we'd get him. He started out with a thinner version of Oly's who has a 1 inch collar. I decided on getting him the brown color to match his brindle coat, but after a while I realized it was blending in way too much with his coat. Add the fact that we have dark wood floors in the home... well, lets just say poor Sancho was a little too camouflaged for his own safety! Ha ha! Don't worry he was never hurt! So because he was also growing I decided to get him the 1 inch collar in a bright blue and keep the brown for his formal events! :)

The other reason I love this company is the service. Upon ordering Sancho's first collar, I noticed that Oly's name plate was a bit scratched up making the info a little hard to read had it been someone with less than perfect eye sight. I decided to reach out to customer service and after sending them a picture they were happy to replace the name plate at no cost to us. Not even shipping! This made us very happy and we had Oly's collar back in no time.  

  • Waterproof & Odor Resistant
  • Corrosion-Proof Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Built-In Contoured Stainless Steel Nameplate
  • Made in the USA