Oly's 3rd Gotcha Day!


This week we celebrate Oly's 3rd Adoptaversary! On August 9, 2014 Oly (aka Sir Oliver) came home with us from Miami-Dade Animal Services. Poor guy was the only puppy that was there on a Saturday afternoon. Puppies tend to go fast there - especially on a weekend, so it was fate that we became his pawrents! You can read a bit more about the day we got Oly on our about page. Kind of a funny story! What I left out on his "about" is how much of a big love bug he is! His goofball ways and his laziness are just some of the traits that make us love him! Even though he embarrasses the shit out of us by always being the humper at doggie social events, or by stealing our guests' churrascos right off their plate when they're not looking - there is just something about Oly that can never really make anyone mad at him! Oly is the kind of dog who is always happy and always has a loving, sweet vibe. So this year I decided that he deserved a special treat!

Picture by:  @doggie_ba r

Picture by: @doggie_bar

To put it mildly, Oly's been through a heck of a lot this year. If you've been following us on instagram you're well aware that Oly is recovering from TPLO knee surgery he had done in mid-June due to a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee.  Being that he isn't quite done with the long and boring recovery process (almost there!) we couldn't take him to play at the beach (his favorite) or go the dog park, so... I went a little "crazy dog lady" and ordered him a cake from our friends at Doggie Bar, a local Miami doggie bakery, and had a little puppy pawty with Sancho & Mila here at our house!!! 

About that cake! Lets just say things got messy really quick once we were done taking a few quick pictures! I didn't expect them to go sooo peanut butter, bacon crazy the way they did, but hey loved it and gobbled it down so quickly I couldn't get nearly as many pictures as I had hoped for!! In case you're wondering, the puppy safe ingredients are clearly labled on the cake box and all the puppies had their fair share with no adverse tummy side affects. HA - you know you were wondering! Anyway, you can just tell that it was packed with care and love too! Ana, the baker and dog lover behind the scenes of this puppy bakery, couldn't have made the ordering and delivery any easier! She included the big dog cookie and it was just awesome. All three pups gave it 6 paws up and highly recommend! 


Not only does Doggie Bar have some really cool cakes (we got a little one, because there were only 3 pups), but they've also got a variety of treats - from cake, to frosted donut cookies to rosemary chicken jerky - our boys love them all! They're so much fun for any puppy pawty as well as for that everyday indulgence for your furry babies! Due to their popularity, they even launched a subscription treat box recently and your pup can receive a monthly box full of treats! So make sure to check Doggie Bar's website or instagram (@doggie_bar) out for more details! Support local!


Watch Oly take his first bites out of his cake below!

Things got pretty messy really fast!

They couldn't get enough!


Puppy Pawty Success... The End!