We spent WHAT on vet bills?!?!



Yes... you read that correctly. Since January 1, 2017 through today, August 10th, we have spent $6,790.14 on vet bills alone. How you ask? Well here's a list I compiled after going through each of Oly and Sancho's files which contain all medical records and receipts:


  1. Vaccines
  2. Hookworms (x2)
  3. Stomach Rash (x2)
  4. Cold/Upper Respiratory Infection
  5. Giardia
  6. Stomach virus
  7. Neuter
  8. Microchip
  9. Histiocytoma


  1. Vet Consultations Re Limp (x2)
  2. Anti-inflammatory Medicine
  3. Pain Medicine
  4. Specialist Consultations (x2)
  5. TPLO Knee (1) Surgery
  6. Staple Application (licked wound open)
  7. X-Rays (to rule out damage to knee hardware)
  8. Infection Treatment (due to wound being licked open)

So we finally decided it was time to purchase pet insurance! Thanks to our Wagboss Instagram followers, I was able to compile a list of different pet insurance companies and after doing some research and comparisons, I chose the one I thought was best for us. But, before I reveal which insurance company we went with, I'd like to share just a brief history of the last 8 months with you guys.


Everything was relatively calm prior to Sancho coming home with us at the end of December in 2016. Besides Oly's obvious limping issue that is. We'd gone back and forth between vets with Oly, but at the end of January, we finally found Dr. Khuly at Sunset Animal Clinic (after Sancho scratched his tummy raw at about 13 weeks old) and have since stuck with her...  She is awesome and we've made her office our home away from home - LOL - that's what it seems like anyway! With Sancho, it seemed to be one problem after another, but I think this happens more often than not with puppies who haven't fully strengthened their immune systems. After that first stomach rash, it was an upper respiratory infection, then a stomach virus, then more allergies, then a histiocytoma on his chin. Oh yeah and as you can see on that list, he has had his fair share of worms which is pretty common in puppies.  Like I said, I think that all these ailments are just due to him having a puppy type (weak) immune system, but financially speaking, we just couldn't keep taking the chance which is why I finally started looking into pet insurance.  Had we had it from the beginning we would have saved a whole lot of money!

The same goes with Oly's major knee issue which resulted in a $3,693 surgery. Had we just gotten the pet insurance when he was a puppy, we would have saved ourselves a ton of money, especially through the period of time where we went back and forth between different vets for second and third opinions. Now it's pretty safe to say that if he ends up having to get the other knee done, which is usually the case, it may not be covered being that any insurance will more than likely consider it to be a pre-existing condition. Hope not, but I'm not going to set myself up for disappointment - so, I am expecting that they won't. By the way, Dr. Khuly was the doc who finally got to the bottom of Oly's issue and figured out it was a cruciate ligament tear in his left knee. She then referred us to Dr. Andrade at Miami Veterinary Specialists who has been awesome as well.  


So thanks to you guys who ehlped us compile a list of pet insurance companies, we went with the one that seemed to cover the most and had the highest customer ratings on petinsurancereview.com:  Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

We chose them because of their 9.8 rating and also because they are the only company that provides unlimited lifetime benefits (with an annual deductible) and no limit on claims (unless it's a pre-exisisting condition). They begin coverage at 8 weeks and through the end of your pup's lifetime. Also a plus: if you enroll your dog before the age of 6, hip dysplasia coverage is included at no extra cost.

So, moral of the story is - don't wait until something happens to insure your pet. Let's face it - our furry children come at a huge cost with their day to day needs alone! Everything adds up. Trust me, I know that after sitting down to tally up those vet receipts. For now, I'll put my calculator away and NOT add up those daily costs that include grooming, food, toys, beds and every other accessory the boys have, so that I don't have  a heart attack. LOL. 

Hope you guys found this blog post helpful and do yourself and your family a favor before you end up spending the crazy amount that we have in just 8 months! Learn from our mistake and get your pet insurance before you need it or as soon as your puppy becomes eligible. Lord knows, we will when we add a new family member to our crew! 

Peace, Love & Muddy Paws,
Milena, Sancho & Oly

Milena Ordenes