Live Pawsitively Dog Treats Review


When the wagboss website launched, Tami, the founder and woman behind Live Pawsitively sent us some samples to try out. We were pleasantly surprised with a box full of all kinds of treats and the boys have been hooked ever since! Tami is a Miami native who is a Golden Retriever enthusiast, studied Canine Companion Nutrition, has been in the pet business for over 9 years and has made it her mission to offer only the best for our furry canine companions. She or her son can be found at the Pinecrest Farmer's Market every Sunday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. 


Live Pawsitively  homemade single ingredient dog treats have become a favorite in our home. I have to admit, we had already given these a go before Tami sent us that box full of the treats pictured below with Sancho! But, we hadn't tried a lot of the flavors before that. The boys have since tried most of them and it's fair to say that they've given them all two paws up! 


The variety of these treats seem to be endless and our Oly & Sancho really, really love them! Just to name a few: turkey, rabbit, pork, chicken, steak and lamb. All of the aforementioned meats also come in several ways: bites, puffs, chips and nuggets, each of which have a different texture and shape. Oh, and cheese (pictured above)! Yes, I said cheese!!! Those are called PAWpers Cheese Puffs and they are just that - puffs of 100% freeze-dried cheese. I don't know about your fur-kids, but ours obsess over cheese! Needless to say, this one is one of their very favorites for sure.

What makes these treats unique to us besides the endless variety is their simplicity. They are single ingredients with no additives what so ever, plus they are gluten-free and those very important nutrition facts are right on the label! But that's not all. In that box we received, we were surprised to be one of the first to test out their new Salmon & Chicken Wrap Dehydrated Dog Cookies! Even though Live Pawsitively calls them cookies, I like to call them puppy sushi! Made of only dehydrated chicken breast and wild salmon, these are extra crunchy and the boys get these when they've been extra good. They love them!!!


If you are far from the Pinecrest Farmer's Market, you can place an order on-line at Live Pawsitively's website. But, we love going there every couple of weeks to walk around, grab a refreshing lemonade and re-up on our treat stash! So if you decide to head on out there, be sure to let Tami know that wagboss sent you! She's been known to spoil pups who visit her with samples of all her treats!