Welcome to the Wagboss Blog!

The Wagboss website has finally launched and I couldn't be more excited to welcome you to the new site! Thank you for being here! At www.wagboss.com you will find a directory of dog related products & services such as groomers, trainers, dog walkers, dog sitters and much more. I had the chance to get to know the people behind these businesses and one thing is for sure - they are dog lovers who are passionate behind what they do!

We also provide a guide to parks, trails, beaches, hotels, bars and restaurants in Miami. Most of these places we have personally visited, and feel that they have been extra welcoming and dog-friendly to us and our furry companions! We would love for this section to grow, so we need the Wagboss community to let us know of any businesses in your neighborhood who deserve a feature for showing our pups the love! Just let us know by contacting us via the contact page or via e-mail.

Each month we will feature a spotlight post on products we love and local businesses that cater to our furry companions, but the most rewarding part of the site might just be the rescue organization feature that will also be updated each month. The first rescue we are featuring is Jamie's Rescue. Please check out the feature on our home page as well as the page featuring all of her adoptable puppies.

Thanks again for subscribing to be a part of the Wagboss community! 


Milena Ordenes
Wagboss, LLC