About Us


Welcome to my website! I'm Milena Ordenes, Founder of  Wagboss, Miami's Dog-Friendly Guide. Thank you for visiting and supporting my project! I'm a Miami native and a dog lover. I'm also a wife, a mother and a dog mom to two fur kids, Oly and Sancho. I created Wagboss because I had a personal need for a website that focused on what our beautiful city has to offer dog owners. My family's life pretty much revolves around where and what we can do with our dogs. They are a major part of our family and keeping them healthy and active is a top priority for us.  Adding a second dog to our family, Sancho, was a huge deal for me. Life was hectic enough! So, I decided that I was going to consistently dedicate my free time to educating myself on how to keep the pack as balanced as possible by training, exercising and of course spending quality time with them as well. So, I want to share my  tips and tricks and what I've learned along the way based on our personal experiences. I also hope to keep you in the know about all the doggy friendly places and events throughout our city, and last but not least I really hope that we inspire you to take your furry family members on new adventures as we detail ours on the blog!


About Oly & Sancho

Oly is our American Bulldog "mix" rescue mutt who we brought home on August 9, 2014 from Miami Dade Animal Services. Poor guy was a 3 month old stray, who had been labeled as a girl and named Ashley. When he rolled over in his filthy kennel he was sharing with an older dog, there was an unexpected surprise... he was clearly not a girl! After we cleared that up and signed all the paperwork, we brought him home and our lives forever changed. Oly became the center of attention in our home as me and my husband's first dog together. Our outings, vacations and everyday life centered around him and that's when we quickly realized there wasn't a good enough resource that helped in guiding us to all dog-friendly places, events and services in our city. He has brought so much laughter and down right fun into our lives. He has always been the most loving goofball puppy at the dog park. Always ready to play and wrestle with his fur friends. He knows his basic commands and will soon be going back to training for a refresher course. 

Sancho is our newest addition. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix and was born on October 21, 2016. I'd been joking about having just enough space left on the couch for a smaller puppy to make our family complete for a while. A friend of ours (who you will see a lot of on our pictures), Liza,  got Mila, Sancho's sister first. We soon found out that there was one more puppy left in the litter. At that moment which I won't ever forget - my husband glanced over at me with a certain distinct look in his eyes and I knew that was it! We picked Sancho up that night and the rest was history! Sancho is the smartest puppy I have ever had. Oly is no dumb-dumb, but Sancho has an eagerness to please that makes him really driven and that much easier to train. After just a few puppy classes, he moved onto Level 1 Obedience class, did just one of those classes and was moved straight into Level 2. He recently completed Level 2 and will soon start his off-leash training at Applause Your Paws. He is a pure joy to have and has been my motivation to make this project a reality!